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    Earning From Adsense

    Last week I received my adsense earnings and probably that was my 10th payment from Google. Hope harayanaspider will be a useful site for making some extra. Most of my earnings come from indiastudychannel and my blogs. What about you?
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    Hello Manzil

    It is good to hear about your ad sense earnings. As you know that all the regional sites are in developing stage and we still have to do lot of work for the development of sites. Earnings are slow but I got $4.16 in a single click form a which is my highest earning from any other site in single click. This shows clearly that value of ads placed on are good enough and we have bright chances of earnings in near future.

    I hope you will understand my point.

    With Regards
    Pooja Singh

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    Namaste Mobin & Pooja ji

    As you mentioned that you baoth are earning from these sites. And other mamber of these are also earning from these sites. Is it true? Please tell me the right way. How it possible and how much you both have got from these site. Please tell me & suggest me some ideas.

    Thanks in advance.

    Krishan Sangwan

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    Welcome to HaryanaSpider Krishan,

    I would like to explain you the all story you wish to know. Well, to start with I would initialize myself explaining the about Haryanaspider as the name says this is web portal for sharing and gaining knowledge about Haryana state and we appreciate your way to make posts here in HS. You are doing great to achieve your level.

    This is the sister concern of IndiaStudyChannel and you are beneficial if you have account on both sites. As per as your posts are published and approved on these portals you are eligible for Google ad sense earning for that you must have a Google ad sense account approved from Google.

    You can apply for the account on any of the our portals. and start earning by associating your account to these portals.

    Amit Siwach

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    Namaste Amit ji

    Thanks for your explation about Haryanaspider(HS). I am an active mamber of this site. But I did not know about it's policy & and post in all areas that is why my most of post have rejected by the webmaster. Because they were my copy & paste post. But know I am trying to write in my own words. If you have any suggestion please give me.


    Krishan Kumar

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    Hi Krishna, you should respect the policies and avoid copying from other source. Write them in your own words because copying from other sites could harm your earnings and also they would not be indexed by search engines. Find some nice articles online, read them carefully and compose with your own words.

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    You need to read 'New Member Faqs" first and then you should start your postings. i hope you have read those and you really stick to them.

    For your post I would like to state that you need to be little more descriptive and to the point and please do not copy paste. you need to write posts in your own words to gain more from this site.

    Amit Siwach

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