Guidelines for Posting in Different Sections of HaryanaSpider

Guidelines for Posting Content on HaryanaSpider

Members are requested to follow the guidelines for posting any content at HaryanaSpider.Please do not Violate any guideline while posting your content and avoid rejection of posts.Copy right contents should not be posted and we will not approve any copied content on this site.

Members need to use proper pattern of writing in English and avoid any chat language or short words. Please do not use un-necessary html if that is not required.You are not required to use HTML tags if you do not have knowledge about them.

1. Forum Section Guidelines:

Members should post all your queries about the site, any topic of Haryana state for discussion, any updates of Haryana or any questions regarding Haryana.

Members are supposed to use good keywords and title which can easier the task to search the queries.

Members please don't use any copied material to give a response in forum section.

Members please avoid phrases like "please help me", "I have a problem" etc.

Members need to give meaningful title appropriate to the subject of your message.

Please have a look if your forum topic is already there or not.Make a Search before posting any topic.You may get the solutions of your message if you will make a search using the search box on the right top of the site.

2. Resources Section Guidelines:

Members are need to write aticles in Resource section in their own words in the related category of the article.

Self written articles with quality content and having hot keywords will get more cash credit.

Please dDo not copy and paste the articles from other sites as this is of no use.
We are not allowing any copied content on our site.

3. Business and Classifieds section Guidelines:

For these sections members need to provide complete details while posting Business and classifieds.

Avoid Copy and paste from other websites. Also please avoid posting Duplicate content posting.
Make a search before posting your content to know about duplicate post,if any.

4. Events Section Guidelines:
Post all the happenings of Haryana and surroundings in your own words.

Please post a picture if possible.

Don't use copyright pictures in your post.

5. Job Section Guidelines:
Post job openings in Haryana only
Give a brief description

Don't copy paste jobs from leading Job websites

Try to give appropriate email and website of company

If any HR post a job, they can give their phone number as contact us if they want the candidate to approach through them

Never post old, outdated jobs in order to get points, all will be deleted and the member may be terminated.

6. Pictures section and videos section Guidelines:

Please post pictures and videos related to Haryana with a small description of the picture or video.

Never post copyright picture or videos.

Never post any unacceptable picture or videos or any porn material.

Porn Material are not allowed in any case.We will deal it seriously.

7. Polls Section:

Create interesting polls related to Haryana

Avoid posting un necessary polls

Avoid repeating the same polls.

8. Bookmarks Section Guidelines:

Post url of the site which you like with a small description and good title.

Don't post url of any vulgar sites.

Do not post any referral link as a Bookmark.

Do not post same bookmark twice or more.

Members please follow all guidelines described above for better approval of your post.