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    Members are not working

    In the HS why the Members are not working what's the reason? Even though members have joined HS.
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    Hello sandeep

    how are you?

    You have put a very good question. Haryana spider was a very good website for knowing haryana but now it is not good website because it's normal members are not working here. It has many members but they are not working because it's editors & senior members don't want that other member do work here. It's editors and senior members are giving the high points to their own post and low points to other members post. You can check it by your post and editors post. They can post a collage in both section Resource and Business but if you will post a collage in resource your post will be delete. And if you will post a collage you will get only 5 points and if they will post a collage they will get 20 points. I think know you will understand.

    HS Member

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    Hello Mr. Krishan

    It is good to see that you are very much active in the forum section of the It is not like that the senior members are approving their post with high numbers and points. We appreciate the good work whether you are a new member or senior. Can you please mention the URL of the posts where you think you got less points in comparison of others.

    Thanks for your response.

    With Regards
    Pooja Singh

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    Hello Pooja Mam

    As above I listen about HS from Krishan IS it good?

    It sound's bad about HS

    I am new and with in a week a got 2 rank i think here members are not working.
    what should we do for our members
    please tell me.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rao sandeep

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    Hello All,

    @ Krishan: As I have earlier also dictated you that this is not how you think about the post. I always mention that one post should be posted only in single section. If you find any multiple post, please let us know and we will take action against that post. Secondly, one can not approve his own post as this is by rules and one does not have access to approve that. So saying like this is not good. Please feel free to post anything whatever you thing this is miss judged.

    @ Rao Sandeep: This is really a demotional quote which Krishan gave but we do like to have our bad points. If you find anything like that in the site your posts have also been deleted and you will not be able to reach at Gold level. This is just how person goes to maintain his articles. Though we have less members here but we are sure we will increase and will gain response from users. No one is entertained here if he shows partialty and I believe we motivate users. So Best of luck and you will get high revenue from this site.

    If you have any question do send a message.

    Amit Siwach

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