How to make Holi colors at home

How to make Holi colors at home, natural Holi colors at home, shops to purchase organic Holi colors.

Holi is coming and everyone wants to prevent its skin from the chemical free colors. If you are also worried about your skin and for your dear ones than prepare the Holi colors at home on this Holi will be a good idea.

How to make Holi colors at home

You can make the Holi colors at home by using natural products like flowers, herbs, leaves, barks, roots etc. Here we are giving you some easy and quick methods to prepare Holi colors at home, so that you can enjoy Holi without disrupting its significance. There are two forms by which one can make colors at home – DRY and WET.

How to make green Holi color at home

To make Dry green Holi color at home you can use henna/ mehendi powder. Just mix the henna/ mehendi powder with equal quantity of gram flour or green gram flour (1 spoon heena powder, 1 spoon gram flour or green gram flour) to get the beautiful green and natural color.

Here is one more method to make Dry green Holi color at home if you have Gulmohur tree in your neighborhood garden than just dry some of the leaves of Gulmohur tree and grind them to make smooth powder of it for a vibrant green color.

To make wet green Holi color at home mix two teaspoons of mehendi in one litre of water and stir nicely to get your natural wet green color.

To make a lovely green colour grind the leaves of spinach (palak) / coriander (Dhaniya)/ mint (Pudina) / tomato leaves etc and mix this paste in the water (as required).

How to make red Holi color at home

To make Dry red Holi color at home use Red Sandal Wood Powder / Raktachandan / Lalchandan (Pterocarpus santalinus) has a beautiful red color; this can be used instead of Red Gulal.

Dry the red hibiscus flowers in shade and grind it to make a powder, you can also add flour (maida) in it to increase the quantity. You can also use the seeds of Annato populary known as Sinduria, it has a water chestnut shaped fruit to get lovely red brick color.

To make wet red Holi color at home just mix turmeric powder in water and add few drops of lemon juice and within seconds you will get bright red color.

Boil the two teaspoons of Red Sandalwood powder in five litres of water and dilute it with 20 litres of water and your lovely fragrant red color is ready to use. Peel the Red Pomegranate and boil its peels with water to get red color.

Mix a pinch of chuna / lime powder (the one that we eat with our paan / betel leaves) with 2 spoons of haldi/ turmeric powder and a few drops of water thoroughly and dilute it with 10 litres of water before the use.

There are some more methods to make red Holi color at home given below:

Soaked the Buras (Rhododentron arboreum) known as Burans in the Garhwal hills and Brand in the Kumaon hills of India in water overnight to get lovely red color.

Soak the flowers of Palita Madar / Pangri / Indian Coral tree (Erythrina Indica), found commonly in coastal regions in water overnight to get red color.

How to make yellow Holi color at home

To make dry yellow Holi color at home Mix two teaspoons of haldi / turmeric powder with double the quantity of besan (gram flour). Besan can be substituted by wheat / rice / arrowroot flour or talcum powder

Dry the petals of Amaltas (Cassia fistula), Marigold / Gainda (Tagetus erecta), Yellow Chrysanthemums, Black Babul (Acacia arabica) and crush them to obtain a fine powder. Mix appropriate quantity of the powder with besan, etc. or use separately.

To make wet yellow Holi color at home add one teaspoon of haldi to two litres of water and stir well, it can be boiled to increase the concentration of color and further diluted. Soak 50 marigold flowers in 2 litres of water. Boil and leave overnight to get Dazzling Yellow color.

How to make Magenta Holi color at home

To get Magneta or dark pink color slice or grate one Beet root and soak in 1 litre of water to get wonderful magenta color. You can also leave it overnight for a deeper shade.

Boil the peels of 10-15 onions in ½ litre of water for an orangish-pink color; remove the peels before using to remove the smell.

How to make Saffron Holi color at home

Soak the flowers of Tesu, Palash or Dhak overnight in water or boil it with water to obtain fragrant yellowish - orange colored water. Dry the flowers of Tesu, Palash or Dhak and grind the dried flowers to obtain for a orange powder.

Dry the stalks of Harashringar / Parijatak flowers and soak them in water to get a orange color.

Soak a few stalks of Saffron / Kesar in 2 table spoons of water and leave for few hours, grind to make a fine paste. Dilute with water for desired colour strength.

How to make Blue Holi color at home

You can use the Jacaranda flowers which bloom in summers, dry them in the shade and ground to obtain a beautiful blue powder.

The blue Hibiscus which is found in Kerala can be dried and powdered to get lovely blue color.

Crush the berries (fruits) of the Indigo plant and add to water for desired color strength to get wet blue color.

How to make Brown Holi color at home

Use Kattha (Acacia catechu) mixed with water to get brownish colour or boil Tea or Coffee leaves in water to get brown colour water.

These are some simple methods to make Holi colors at home, so try them at this Holi positively and get rid from the problems caused by the chemical colors.

You can also purchase the natural colors from the shops and stores. Please visit Shops to buy Natural colors for Holi 2011 in Delhi

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